Ghoul Grind: Night of the Necromancer is an auto-scrolling action platformer playable right on your very own NES! Play as deft duo Nox Francisca and Veronica Mimieux. Grind your way through the eerie town of St. Crypton, send the awakened townsfolk back to their slumber, and stop your necromancing best friend Vlad Drachovi before midnight strikes on All Hallows Eve!

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2 Fearless Heroes

Play as both Nox Francisca and Veronica Mimieux! Nox's magic throwing axes are slower but, more accurate. Whereas, Veronica's enchanted dagger shockwaves move quickly for rapid attacks.

18 Challenging Levels

Travel through St. Crypton and the surrounding areas both above and below the earth. As you work to prevent the awakened dead from overrunning both the town and the world.

6 Ghoulified Bosses

Beyond the awakened, Vlad has recruited 5 lieutenants you must defeat before you are able to challenge him. All with their own unique abilities to stop you in your tracks.

Wanna join the fight to save the world of St. Crypton? Support us on Kickstarter at the following link!

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